Keri Shee, Story Alchemist

BS Occupational Therapy

MA English Education

200-hour Registered Yoga Teacher, Yin Yoga Training, Trauma-Informed Training

I believe that the magical process of writing your story is a deep and transformative journey.  

I have seen firsthand how challenge and trauma offer the most potent opportunities for growth.  It is up to each individual person to take that offering by the hand and say yes.  I will support your “yes.”  Like the lotus flower that rises from the muck, there is great potential in the human experience for blossoming after a traumatic event or major life transition.  

Through embodied writing and exploring writing in a variety of ways, I guide individuals, couples, and young adults moving through trauma or major life transition to integrate and process their unique experience, increase self-awareness, identify and apply resources, and design custom rituals for initiation and celebration of the journey.  I am LGBTQI+ friendly and offer a safe space for each person to fully explore their story.

 Wake your soul with embodied writing.

Wake your soul with embodied writing.

I am an occupational therapist, yoga teacher, writer, and story alchemist.  I believe in relationship-driven therapy and value getting to know who you are and your life story.  No two people will have the same narrative; therefore, I feel strongly about customizing my approach based on your physical, emotional, psychological, and spiritual intentions or goals.  As a yoga teacher, my practice focuses on using movement and meditation as a path to embodiment and deeper, more integrative writing.  I’ve studied in the potent spiritual country of India and am a student with Janet Stone Yoga.  I've engaged in powerful practices that influence my approach and believe in the power of one story to change the world.  

I began writing the chapters of my narrative many years ago when the death of my father catalyzed my own transformative journey - a journey which has allowed me to understand the paradoxical nature of life’s challenges, engage with repair and healing in new ways, learn about my emotions and patterns, mindfully initiate major change in my life, and reach a sense of gratitude for the trauma itself. 

I’ve come home to myself and found security within like never before.

 I would be honored to bear witness to your story and guide you on your path to awakening your soul.

you feel heavy
because you are
too full of truth.

open your mouth more.
let the truth exist
somewhere other than
inside your body.
— della hicks-wilson

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Write your narrative within the safe, nourishing, and empowering container of women's retreat.  

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Keri's headshots were lovingly photographed by Vaschelle Andre, Divine Photography