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I partner with yoga teachers, therapists, educators, healers, wilderness guides and artists.

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Writing strengthens community circles

Retreat offers many rich opportunities to dive deep into our stories.  Where have we been, and where are we going?  Often, the writing portion of retreat consists merely of a suggested journaling practice that is ultimately left up to each individual.  Involving Story Alchemy will deepen the experience of retreat by offering purposefully designed writing exercises that are connected to practice and experience and created to build and nurture community.  Writing will allow each person to integrate practices into the mind, body, heart, and soul, share their voices in a safe and supportive space, and leave the container of retreat with a unique and personal keepsake that will mark this moment in time as well as leave lasting impact on their lives.

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Using Ritual

We write and perform ritual around our writing.  Write vows of self-love, and engage in a commitment ceremony to yourself.  Write your story of loss, and burn it in a raging fire.  Write your deepest desires, and hand them over to a goddess who holds space for you.  The possibilities for writing and performing ritual are endless and provide a rich state of awakeness moving forward into every day life.

Nature as a mirror

Writing in nature is one of the most grounding, peaceful practices we can engage in.  Nature offers us a place to move and get out of the spiraling mind and into the body.  The body is full of wisdom and whispers answers to our life's most complex questions.  Story Alchemy believes in the importance of writing from a place of connection with Earth and her elements.  We will get outside, find our roots, and bring our journals with us.

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